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Meet Your
New Journey Family

At New Journey Chiropractic, we say “Welcome to the Family” simply because that’s how we care for each and every one of our patients, starting with their very first visit. We’re not your typical, sterile healthcare experience, where you feel like just another number. At New Journey Chiropractic, we believe that every patient is a part of our big family. Welcome to our family!

You will be greeted by our Care Advocate team with open arms, big smiles, and loads of excitement!

When you meet Dr. Jayme, get ready for a personalized experience that stands out from the rest! Dr. Jayme is an amazing listener who’ll takes the time to truly understand you and your family’s unique needs. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you establish health goals for your family.

Designed with Your
Entire Family in Mind

Our team focuses on wellness chiropractic care including pediatrics, prenatal, and family care. We prioritize creating a comfortable environment for every child and family that visits us, with our office space thoughtfully designed to accommodate you and your family. For expecting mothers or parents with young children, we offer a changing area stocked with fresh wipes, diapers, and other essential items.

New Journey Chiropractic

Pediatric and Family Focused

Dr. Jayme and her team are Ormond Beach’s most sought after Pediatric Chiropractic practice. For the past 5+ years Dr. Jayme and the New Journey Team have traveled to numerous pediatric seminars and workshops based on neurologically-focused, pediatric and family care.

What We Do

Areas of Practice

When we first set out to build Ormond Beach’s leading Pediatric and Family Chiropractic practice, it all started with scientific and clinical certainty. Unfortunately most of our chiropractic education focuses heavily on adults with musculoskeletal issues, leaving a lot of chiropractors not fully certain and confident when it comes to taking care of kids!

We take care of each and every child at New Journey Chiropractic with a 100% unique, customized, and individualized plan. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach at New Journey like you see in the rest of health care. Get ready to be blown away by our ROCKSTAR team as we work side-by-side with you to help your child heal and overcome whatever challenges are in front of them, and move forward to their full potential and a full life of health and happiness!

At New Journey, we believe that a healthy family starts right from the beginning, during the prenatal period. We’ve cheered on countless families, helping them start growing their tribe (without those pesky drugs) and supporting our fabulous mamas-to-be from day one!

Our New Journey mamas get the best of both worlds! They enjoy calming, relaxing, health-building adjustments with empowering support and education, our mamas get to have a prenatal experience unlike most out there today. Our remarkable mamas take this strength with them to labor and delivery, where they push out natural births and VBACs like bosses. We’re talking pure rockstar fashion. Witnessing our mamas’ triumphs is a regular day at the office here!

But wait, there’s more! We stay connected to nurture our growing family even after the baby arrives. We give momma some extra love with free postpartum scans and checkups, while the little one gets a neurological checkup too. We’re here for the long haul!

We love to see our families absolutely conquer all the typical prenatal expectations (pain, fatigue, intervention, depression, etc.) and instead have the exact journey and experience they want and dream of in parenthood!

Hear it from the Moms and Dads themselves, raising children can be an exhausting task! 😉 Parenting often leads to stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation, tension headaches, and other health problems. However, this is not the case for our parents at New Journey!

At New Journey, we offer world-class adjustments that alleviate stress and boost energy levels for parents on the regular. But that’s not all! We also help you develop a straightforward and efficient health and wellness plan.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Contact us today for more information.

Your New Journey Family

Meet the Team

Dr. Jayme


Dr. Jayme was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She met her husband, Blake, while in high school. Dr. Jayme and Blake have two children, a daughter named Abigail and a son named Bradley. They have made it their mission to change the way their community views and manages their health, both physically and mentally. They are passionate about helping their community build healthy families and eliminate dangerous lifestyle habits that can cause illness. They do not want others to go through same stressful experience that their family went through with their son. They achieve this through community education and wellness programs that make drug-free healthcare practical and affordable.

Dr. Jayme worked as a Nurse for 10 years prior to becoming a chiropractor. During the last 3 years of her career, she worked in a Med-Surg/ Oncology Unit. When her son Bradley was 2 ½ years old, she started noticing that he was having difficulties communicating. He had suffered from numerous ear infections, and she thought this was causing the speech and developmental delays. Like any parent worries about their child, she and her husband, Blake, took him to the pediatrician where the doctors recommended placing tubes in his ears and removing his tonsils and adenoids. According to the doctors, the surgery was a success, but it did not improve his communication difficulties. He was given the diagnosis of Developmental Delay and they were told that therapy was their only option. Having followed the recommendations of their doctors and given no further hope for their son, Dr. Jayme’s brother-in-law, Dr. Brock Frear a chiropractor, made an appointment for Bradley to have his spine and nervous system evaluated. Bradley was under chiropractic care for 6 weeks when he started showing improvements in both his speech and developmental delays. This made such a vast improvement in her son’s life that it created a mindset change for Dr. Jayme and Blake. She started realizing that each day that she went into the hospital, her patients were getting sicker despite the medical interventions that were ordered. Dr. Jayme decided to leave her nursing career to become a chiropractor. She wanted to have the opportunity to empower and encourage others to regain their health, to reach their full potential in life, and help to inspire people to live a life of health rather than sickness.


Clinic Director

Blake and his wife, Dr. Jayme Frear, started implementing regular chiropractic care for their family and began making changes in their nutrition, detoxing, and exercising. The changes that occurred transformed their lives and inspired Blake and Dr. Jayme to make it their mission to teach these principles, empower others in their community to live healthier lifestyles and change the lives of families in their community.


Chiropractic Assistant

Stephanie is a certified health coach and life coach, published author, speaker, essential oils educator, stand up comedian and wanna be rock star. She is passionate about helping people have healthy lifestyles through habit change and improving mindset. She is currently studying to become a Certified Chiropractic Physician’s Assistant.


Care Advocate

Hi, I’m Natalie (you can call me Nat)! I love Jesus and people. I enjoy taking pictures, especially of the sky. I’m a huge football fan, I even audition for NFL cheer/dance teams. One of my passions is to support others, I have made it a mission to one day work for the National Suicide Hotline so that I can show others that they still have a purpose in this life. My favorite thing is to be able to serve others, I hope I get to see you in our office!