Wobble Cushion

Wobble Cushion in Ormond Beach

Wobble Cushion in Ormond Beach

Do you have concerns about your spinal health in Ormond Beach FL? Or the health of your spinal discs? Have you suffered from low back pain? Have you been diagnosed with a disc herniation(s)? Did you know that wobbling may be your new best friend?

The benefits of the wobble exercise can be long-lasting. Warm up the spine, increase vitality, and reap the benefits, such as:

  • Reducing low back stress
  • Prevent injuries
  • Recuperate faster
  • Rehydrate discs
  • Regain flexibility

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Wobble Cushion in Ormond Beach

The Wobble Cushion helps to reinvigorate spinal flexibility by rehydrating the lumbar discs and circulate CSF (spinal fluid). This also helps keep the spine healthy. It is a great warm-up tool for use before physical activities, or after prolonged sitting (such as sitting at a desk). It can be used both at home and at the office.
You can learn more below about wobble exercises from New Journey Chiropractic.

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Your spinal discs have no direct blood supply, so movement is required to pump healthy fluids into the disc and pump waste out of the disc. The gentle motion of wobble exercise is ideal for this process. These movements help to enhance blood flow and oxygenation through spinal discs, relieving the stress and strain of our daily lives.

Remember, Movement and Motion are key to spinal hygiene. The good news is that you only need to wobble on the days you use your spine!

Motion is important at the joint level. If a joint is restricted, you may need your chiropractor to perform a specific chiropractic adjustment to restore motion at the joint level first! You may then maintain that joint motion by performing daily wobble exercises.

There are three basic motions in wobbling, and they are designed to re-hydrate all sections of the disc:

The front to back flexion motion targets the front and the back of the disc.
The side-to-side motion targets the sides of the disc.
The rotation motion targets the remaining areas of the discs. The back corners and back side of the disc are where most disc herniations occur.
During the wobble exercise you will help increase balance and proprioception that is needed to coordinate motions and movements of the spine. This will target the spinal stabilizing muscles which makes this a great core and low back exercise.

The amount of time spent wobbling is crucial. Spinal exercise might seem counter-intuitive after a spinal injury, but it’s precisely what is needed when it’s time for rehabilitation. The more flexibility in the spine, the less likely injury is to recur. After about 7-8 minutes of wobbling, you create enough motion to “heat” the disc and ligamentous tissue to begin to change its state from a solid to more of a liquid. This is when you begin to remodel the disc and ligamentous tissue. This remodeling begins the healing process of the tears in the disc and ligaments.

There is nothing better for pain than healing (and prevention). The wobble exercise can be started slowly, and effort increased with ability. With this technique, there is no strain or effort that will overwhelm a patient just getting started. Warm up the spine and increase vitality with this low impact exercise.

The total time recommended for wobbling is 15 minutes per session. Then for 6-8 minutes after your wobble session, you need to avoid any slouching or seated postures. This is the amount of time it takes for the disc and ligamentous tissue to cool down and return to its more normal solid state.

It can take approximately 2 years of daily wobbling to re-hydrate the discs and ligaments of the spine.

Lastly, water is important to your spinal hygiene. It is the most important element in your body. Normally the human body is composed of more than 70% water and the Nervous system is more than 90% water. You must have enough water in your diet and in your body so that your body can share the water with your spine discs and ligaments. Are you drinking ½ oz to 1 oz of water per pound of body weight?

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